Newest Kitchen Interior Decoration modern interior design room
Newest Kitchen Interior Decoration modern interior design room

Decoration of an open plan kitchen living room

Open plan kitchen living room is what most house owners want but deriving the perfect look that you desire can cause your designs problem. Below are some ways for your open plan kitchen living room and how to gain a functional and a beautiful home for all homes.

Understand that is doesn’t suit everyone’s taste

Before going for an open plan kitchen living room, have it in mind that there are some problems involve. If you have a family that is young, you will won’t have a quite side in the home that you can read some books. Open plan living room are famous for being clamorous so put into consideration the level of privacy you would want to have.


Also, opened rooms lack intimacy, hence before transforming the room, put into consideration your present way of life and if open living room will fit into your style and your wants.

Painting your open plan living room

Avoid the use of colors that are dark within your blueprint and instead paint your walls in pale tones which will help in expanding your room. Your ceilings should be painted in white, it assists in enhancing the feeling of space and makes your ceilings look higher.

However, note that open plan kitchen living rooms can be cold at times so look into painting your accent wall or purchasing bright materials and rugs to assist in making your open living room plan look comfortable.


Considering a clever option for storage

If you are going for an open plan living room, the layout includes bringing down a wall, you will have to lose some storage spaces because your cupboards and wall shelves will have to disappear. So look into different storage options for the open plan kitchen living room, like selecting a multipurpose storage option or changing the location of your items to another room or an entirely different location in the home.

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